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The Complete Quiz List...

What type of alcoholic drink does your sex life resemble?

Which food will complement your sex life?

Where should you have sex?

What natural disaster should you make love during?

What type of car represents your sexual experience?

What type of music should you make love to?

What are your chances of getting laid this weekend?

In what location are you most likely to get laid?

What type of hook-up are you?

Which animal represents your sexual appetite?

What poker hand are you?

How much of a high roller are you?

What is your absolute turn off?

What is your luckiest casino game?

What is your primary vice?

How easy are you?

What is your hottest bedroom accessory?

How much of a stoner are you?

Which 80ís Nintendo character turned you on the most?

What type of drunk are you?

What is your sexual zodiac?

What is your Bedroom Personality?

How Bisexual Are You?

What is your favorite thing to say in the bedroom?

What is your Sexual IQ?

What is your sexy halloween costume?

What is your pornstar name?

What is your sexual personality?

How much of a gold digger are you?

What is your most embarrassing sexual moment?

What will you receive on the 12 days of christmas? (Dirty Version!)

Where in the world are you most likely to get laid?

What is your most memorable sexcapade?

Your Valentine's Day Letter

What is your sexual nickname?

What is the best type of sex for you?

How kinky are you?

How will you be defined in a sexual dictionary?

What sexual activity will you go to jail for?

What crazy thing are you aroused by?

Dude, where are my genitals?

How sexually ghetto are you?

What will the porno of your life be called?

What is your seduction style?

How fuckable are you?

What is your sexual hidden talent?

What will your sex business card say?

Your Sexual New Years' Prediction

What is your sexual catchphrase?

The Sexy Acronym Generator

Where will you be caught having sex?

What is your Valentine's Day advice?

How sexually hot are you?

What is your Fortune?

What is your Sexual Obituary?

When will you hit your sexual peak?

What song should you strip to?

What sexual effect do you have on people?

What's your Bedroom Grade?

What 1-900 line will you work at?

What is your inner sex-gender?

What is your Sexlife Motto?

What do your lovers say about you?

What is your Sex Sign?

What Porn will you Star in?

What is your ideal Sex Position?

Are you a tease?

What scandal will end your career?

Do you have a Dirty Mind?

What Fairy Tale do you Get Off on?