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Which food will complement your sex life?

You are at a wild party, with hot girls and guys galore. You are:
Watching a slightly artsy movie that you found, by yourself in a corner
Trying to seduce the hottie who has had a little too much to drink
Playing with the tongue ring in your mouth trying to catch the eye of the hot guy across the room 4
Brushing up accidentally against the hot girls/guys in the room
Trying to talk to a hotty, but unable to find anything interesting to say

Your favorite T.V. show is:
The O.C. (the lesbian scenes were hot)
Dr. Phil
Queer eye for the Straight Guy
Desperate Housewives

Ideally, the perfect date would be:
Going to a new club in town and dancing all night
Going to a fancy restaurant and ordering all of the aphrodisiacs
Miniature golf
Walking along the beach
Going shopping

The first thing a hottie will notice about you is your:
Seductive lips
Nasal Structure

You find food in the bedroom:
Causes ants
Can be sexy
Is kinky
is good to get the taste out of your mouth
Doesn't work