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What type of drunk are you?

How often do you drink?
All the time, Iím drunk right now.
Usually only when I get upset at something.
Pretty often, it lets me let out some steam.
When Iím going to a rockin party, or when I just want to be more out going.
Just occasionally when I go out with my friends.

If someone spilt beer on you at a club while dancing what would you do?
Give them the evil eye.
Laugh, and keep dancing.
Dump half your beer on their head and half down their shirt, then throw your cup at them for good measure.
Wonder if the scent of beer is attractive to the opposite sex.

It is last call. What do you do?
Try to get as many more beers as possible from the bartender, then yell at them when they refuse to keep serving you.
Start throwing darts at people.
Figure out how you are going to get laid.
Ask your friends if they want to go to an after hours place up the road.
Freak out, and start telling a stranger why your parents never loved you.

What is the worst thing that you could see at a bar?
Spilt beer.
A horrible, horrible mess in the washroom.
The guy/girl youíve been hitting on all night going home with someone else.
Your Dad hitting on someone other than your mom.
Someone messing with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

What would you most likely call yourself when you are drunk?
Filled with blood-lust.