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What is your Sexual IQ?

The basics. How far have you gone?
First or second base.
Third base.
All the way.

What is a rim job?
Something that I get done to my car every few months.
A special technique when kissing where you use the very tip of your tongue to tease your partner.
When you lick your partners anus.
When you lick your lollypop/iced cream sexily to entice the guy/girl of you dreams.

Would you say that you have above average or below average sexual experience for your age?
Definitely below.
I think I am about average.
Um, only slightly below, I hope.

Where did you pick-up most of your sexual knowledge?
T.V. and movies.
Everywhere, I can't pinpoint one place.

Which is the best method of contraception?
The pill.
Pulling out.
Wearing tightie whities.
A condom with spermicide.

Be honest. True or false: You know what snowballing is.

You know what a circle jerk is.

You are aware of what an orgy entails.

Have you ever participated in any of the actions described in the previous three questions?