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What type of alcoholic drink does your sex life resemble?

Your boss has just fired one of your coworkers whom she hired at the same time as you and then calls you into her office. You:
Start crying and pleading for your job
Ask out the co-worker out who youve had a crush on forever, you never know if youll see them again
Walk into the office calmly, you have nothing to worry about
Quit, so that you wont be fired
Try to print out all of the e-mails that you have on your computer so that you dont lose any contacts

You have managed to get a hot guy/girl to go upstairs with you at a party. Whats the first thing you do after you close the door?
Start undressing yourself
Turn on some music and start to strip
Ask if they want to go back downstairs
Turn off the lights and start making out on the bed
Ask if they want to find a more elaborate location to do it... like on the roof

What is most important during sex?
The sex
Birth Control

You are on a first date when you hear the ice cream truck. You:
Run after the truck screaming Come Back!
Ask your date what their favorite type is and buy them one
Ignore it, and try to avoid all of the screaming children
Invent your own concoction of a mixture of ice creams for you and you date to share
Buy two vanilla cones to be safe

What type of lovers do you mostly have?
People who you date, but are never seriously into
Bored friends
Me, Myself and I
Usually just my current significant other