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In what location are you most likely to get laid?

Your favorite thing to do is:
Listen to music
Chat online

How many times have you slept with a stranger:
Define slept with...
Once or Twice
I only sleep with strangers

What turns you on the most:
A half naked person to stoned to know what is going on
Flirting and picking people up
Holden Caulfield or Mme. Bovary
An empty beer bottle

You're getting laid in the middle of an open field, you think:
I hope no one sees this
This is hot... the only thing that could make it better is a wicked guitar solo
My fantasy is better
This is just what I needed
Where is my whisky?

Your favorite sexual fantasy is:
A sexy schoolgirl/teacher showing you how its done
A young, drunken girl or guy totally willing
Being blindfolded, and letting your partner do what they want
You and your current sweetie getting down
Inspiring (you know what I mean) music

What sex are you?