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What is your primary vice?

When you get stressed out at work or school, what do you do to distress?
Work out.
Talk it over with some friends.
Play some fun games with friends.
Veg and pig out.

How do you like to feel the most?
Happy and Sociable.

If you were just got your wisdom teeth taken out, what would you do to keep your mind off the pain?
Load up on painkillers.
Stick to natural types of pain relief, like green tea iced cream.
Sleeping pills.
Try to watch game shows / play cards, to keep your mind off it.
Take a few shots to dull the pain.
Take one or two painkillers then call your gf/bf to get your mind off it.

Which of the following do you find the most appetizing?
Brownie’s, pizza, and lots of water.
Strawberries and whipped cream.
Cheap buffet.
Warm milk.
Goji berries and mixed nuts.

On a Friday night, what can you most likely be found doing?
On a date.
At eh weekly poker game.
At a huge wild party.
At home relaxing.
Throwing a fancy dinner party.