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How much of a stoner are you?

It is second period on Tuesday morning, what is running through your mind?
What I have planned for the weekend.
Mouthwatering, double, double stuffed Oreos. Oh yeah.
The functionality of complex matrices.
How complex the Price is Right really is.

When you walk into a video store, what section do you gravitate to?
Action movies.
Movies staring SNL famed people.
I like 80ís movies with pretty colours.
Hard hitting drama.

You are throwing a crazy end of the year bash for all of your friends. Where does it take place?
My house.
In a field under the stars.
On the beach.
In front of the local 7-11.

Why do you want to visit Amsterdam?
Red Light District!!!
Isnít the Van Gogh museum there? That guy was screwed up
Unique historical sights.
Isnít like everything legal there?

How often do your forget things?
I donít even remember what the last question was.
Pretty often. Nothing important though.
Never. Iím an elephant.
I guess occasionallyÖ who doesnít?

Have you ever been asked by an authority figure why your eyes are bloodshot?