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How Bisexual Are You?

When you are at a club, who are you checking out?
Myself in the mirror.
Members of the same sex.
Members of the opposite sex.

You prefer which type of porn?
Threesomes Ė doesnít matter the ratio of girls and guys.
I donít watch porn.
Ones which involve a lame story line with one guy and one girl.

What type of friends do you have?
A clique in which every one is the same sex.
Iím friends with everyone.
I donít have friends.
The kind that like to party.

On your 21st birthday, what did/do you plan to do?
Go to a strip club, with dancers of the same sex.
Go to a strip club, with dancers of the opposite sex.
Go to the local pub and get hammered.
Go to Vegas and party with everyone.

Have you ever been in a sexual situation with at least one member of each sex?
No, but I want to try.
Not that I remember.

Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Do you often find yourself torn between who to go home with at the end of the night?
Well, Iíd like to think that I have options but... no.
All the time, itís like my number one problem.