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How much of a gold digger are you?

Would you consider marrying someone on the sole basis that they are rich?
Hells yes!
Um, are they good looking too?
How rich?
No way!

Would you ever consider participating in a show like “who wants to marry a millionaire?”
Yes, but only because I want to be a reality tv star.
Glamorized prostitution? I think not.
Is the millionaire hot?

If your future husband/wife wanted you to sign a pre-nupt, would you cry and start playing the “you don’t trust me” card?
Hells yes. There is no way that I would get married with no provisions like that.
No. The pre-nupt would protect me.
Maybe. If I thought that would be the best method of getting married without a pre-nupt.
Yes. Because it is true. If you don’t trust someone with your money, why are you marrying them?

Have you ever gone on a date with someone because you knew that they would pay for everything?

Is wealth a turn on?

If you were about to break up with someone, but then they surprised you with an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii, would you wait till after the trip to break up?

Is there such a thing as too much money?