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Where should you have sex?

Where do you most want to visit?
Scotlandís Highlands/ Australiaís outback
Las Vegas
Thailand (Damn they have good food)

Is absolute privacy necessary when doing it?
Well, a little bit of danger is good sometimes
Not at all, it sort of turns me on that someone might be watching
As long as the sex is good, I donít care who sees

Which item is the biggest turn on?
Whipped cream
A bed of flowers
A hot, cherry red convertible
Erotic literature

You are at the circus, when the ring master calls you down to stick your head in the lions mouth. You:
Flatly refuse
Go for itÖ everyone dies sooner or later
Go up but chicken out when you see how many teeth it has
Figure that youíve never heard of anyone actually losing their head to a lion and make your friend take a picture

What is the most important thing?
Money and owning cool stuff
Living well