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How kinky are you?

What is one of your typical fantasies?
Being cuffed/cuffing someone else.
An elaborate dungeon scene involving many torture devices.
Doing it with you celebrity crush.
I donít fantasize.

How many sex toys do you own?

Have you ever had sex in public?
No, but I want to try.
Does teh great outdoors count?

How far would you go in a movie theatre?
First base.
Second base.
Third base.
All the way.

Where is the kinkiest place to do it?
In front of a window.
In a car.
In a tree.

How many people are involved in your ideal sexual situation?
You and one other person.
You and two other people.
You and three other people.
You and four other people.

What is the most sexual sport?
Horse back riding.