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What natural disaster should you make love during?

What type of ambience is most important during sex?
the right lighting
the noise
the temperature
the surroundings

You would prefer to visit which state?

If you heard of an impending natural disaster you would:
Immediately buy essential supplies
Find the safest and sturdiest place in the house, and make sure everyone knows what to do when the time comes
Watch the news for important updates

While shopping you are most likely to be interested in look at:
Luxury items at the as seen on t.v. store (like massaging chairs)
New Appliances

You just realize you forgot you anniversary with your bf/gf yesterday… no wonder they haven’t called. You:
Buy an elaborate present to make up for it
Offer to be their sex slave for one day
Quickly write a poem in the hopes that they will forgive you for your romantic nature
Lock your door and wait for the storm to blow over