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How sexually hot are you?

When you walk into a club...
Nobody notices
You make eye contact with a number of hotties
Everyone checks you out
You get a drink

There is a new hot person in your class. What happens?
I go up and flirt with them
They try to flirt with me
They sit beside me and we hit it off

How many people do you think have a crush on you right now?
3 or more

Roughly how many dates would it take you to go all the way with someone?
4 or more

How would you rate your seduction skills?
I'm a born Casanova
Decent. I've been known to be quite the charmer
Fair. I'm all about the romance rather than the sex
Uh, where's the bathroom?

How often do you think about sex?
Every second
At least once an hour
A few times a day

Have you ever been accused of being a slut or manwhore?
Practically every day
I think at some point, but they were just jealous
Ew, no way