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What is your Bedroom Personality?

You're totally hot to go, and you want to let your partner know. What do you do?

Get real close, rub their arm, fiddle with your hair
Grab their hand, and go to the bedroom.
Get on top of them, start unzipping their fly...
Light some candles, pour some wine, kiss
Tell them "I want you to do me, now, harder than you ever have"

You meet a hot, charming, smart guy or girl. How long before you want to go to bed with them?

Honestly? It's hard to wait...
Right away, if the chemistry's right
After several dates... let's get the anticipation going
I'll give him a peak after a couple dates, but it will be weeks before he gets in my pants
Until I'm pretty sure we're falling for each other

What kind of kiss gets you going?

Deep, with lots of tongue
Gentle, with little kisses planted on my ears and cheeks too
When my lips are carefully kissed and sucked - before any tongue
A romantic one, under the stars or by the ocean
Not a slobery one, that's for sure!

The place you most like to be kissed is:

My erogeonous zones
The nape of my neck
Straight on the lips
I think you know where
I prefer to do the kissing

Your partner is going down on you. Where do you want their hands?

Right where their mouth is
My butt
Rubbing my thighs
Massaging me all over
Wherever I feel like putting them

What comes out of your mouth during sex?

"I love you"
"No, you on bottom"
"Have you ever tried..."
"Oooh, baby, you feel sooooo good"
"A little faster, or I won't be able to orgasm"

What's the one thing your partner(s) could do to make sex better?

Let me decide the path we'll follow
Take their time a little more, enjoy the moment :-)
Show me love outside the bedroom
Tell me their fantasies, no matter what they are
Get better at figuring out what I want

What's the perfect thing for your partner to do to you after sex?

Say, "Now what else can I do to make you feel incredible?"
Hold you.
Plant soft kisses all over your body.
Lean over and whisper: "I'll be ready to go again in ten minutes"
Give you good feedback - because you've got some to give as well.

Finally, how would you decribe your sex style?

Sensual. I know how to set the scene.
Mysterious. I don't show all my cards.
Sweet. I like sex to be very special.
Direct. If I don't something, I'll tell you.
Dominant. I'm in charge, baby.