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What grade do you get in the bedroom?

When did you lose your virginity?

junior high
high school
around your 21st birthday
after a ring was on your finger
you're still a virgin!

Your partner asks you to talk dirty in bed. They seem really turned on by the idea... you:

Whisper "Don't stop" and "I'm cumming" ever so often
Start shouting, "Yes, baby! I worship your body, so give me more"
Figure out what totally gets your partner off, and say it to them while they're doing you
Give it a shot, but you end up feeling totally goofy.
Try to say any four-letter word but get embarassed
Won't talk dirty, period.

Have you ever broken or ruined furniture from having sex?
They know you by your first name at the furniture store.
Many times.
You think so - it's all a blur.
You've certainly ruined some sheets!
Gosh, no.
Never even came close.

You are alone at your partners place, and you run across they're rather extensive porn collection - and it's pretty kinky. Your reaction?
You cry to your best friend and break up with your so almost immediatley.
You're mildly interested, and look up their fetishes on Google.
You're not surprised... you've even been in a few vids yourself.
You're so disgusted that you throw the videos out.
You're so turned on that you hit your partner on their cell - and give him some very *interesting* things to look forward to.
You freak out. If they are really into this stuff, it's over.

What's the only thing you need to seduce someone?
a brain
a killer bod
a genitals
a pan of lasanga
a sweet disposition

How do you feel about BDSM?
You guess you could get spanked, or something...
You're a total expert... you practically live in a dungeon.
It can totally intensify orgasm, but you're good without it.
You don't know... pain is scary.
Mmmmm, nipple clamps
No way. Never. Totally out of the question.

What road sign best describes your oral technique?
Minimum Speed 40
Men Working
Slippery When Wet
Tunnel Ahead
Toledo, Next Exit

When it comes to watching yourself have sex...
No way. Total turn off.
Lights on, mirrors all around
You're all over the internet getting your thing on - everyone watches
You'll have sex during the day... if it's not a "fat day"
You'll videotape it and watch it with your partner sometime
You're not sure how to do that...

What's your favorite room of the house to have sex in?
living room
front yard
alone in your closet
any room with a floor

When it comes to getting yourself off...
That's your only way that you ever have sex... with yourself.
You'll go there from time to time
You've got a whole toy chest, and it's not for kids
Practice makes perfect, especially with others.
You still feel self conscious about it
You'll prefer not to consider it, unless you're pretty desperate.
What's on your bed when you're not sleeping in it?
your favorite quilt
stuffed animals
your cat
dirty clothes
spare "friends"

Complete the following sentence: I can have any person I want if I put my _______ to it.
cooking skills
task force