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What is your inner sex-gender?

Would you rather...
Have sex with an incredibly attractive person, with an average personality
Have sex with an incredibly charming person, with average looks

After sex, you'd like to...
Have a long conversation about life and your future together
Kick back and watch a movie together, with some pizza

When you think about foreplay, you think about...
Kissing, sucking, licking, touching...
Getting your clothes off and getting to it

Condoms are...
Freakin annoying
Good, if there's any doubts about the other person

You like to give oral...
Until your partner gets off
Until your partner offers to reciprocate

True or false: You know the first and last name of everybody you've slept with
False... there's at least one or two gaps in your memory *cough*
True... in fact, you know some middle names, too

Sex with an ex...
May be good, but it's an emotionally complex situation
Can be fantastic, as long as you didn't break up because of bad sex

Have you ever thought you weren't attracted to somebody, only to figure later that they're kind of sexy?
Nope, never happened
Yeah, of course

Swallowing is...

If sex doesn't last very long, but does the job for both of you, you feel...
A bit cheated