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What is your Sex Sign?

Your favorite position...
Involves me being tied up.
Missionary, girl's legs up on top of guy's shoulders. Mmmmm!
Anything that incorporates yoga ... I'm a total sexual star!
Whatever works in a candlelit bath or out by the hot tub
Doggie style. I love raw sex.
I'll do it it anyway that feels good ... Anyway at all!
Anything with one of my favorite partners AND one of my favorite sex toys
Missionary. It's the most popular for a reason!
Me on top. I love to be in charge. Plus, there's nothing more exciting than having my partner watch me enjoy myself.
Hmmm... well, my partner is on all fours, and I've got my whip out...
Tantric. Japanese. Hindu. If it's exotic, it makes me hot!
Depends on if I'm with a guy or a girl

How do you get things started?
Oooh, I love long, slow seductions with lots of kissing and touching.
Nothing turns me on like a good porno flick.
I like to seduce with a striptease, and then get things going with more than a touch of BDSM
I start off slowly, with lots of playful seduction and teasing. I make sure my partner is worked up before taking it to the next step.
I like to stroke my partner's ego a little, make him or her feel sexy, and take it from there.
It's doesn't take much, that's for sure. My flirting techniques lure almost anyone in.
Quickly! I need to save time for my other lovers I plan on having that night.
I like to start things off with a cuddly 69.
I pull out my virtual goodie bag, which I have amassed from years of travel and experience.
I love forplay and all of the little sensual aspects of sex. I need lots of foreplay to make me feel satisfied.
It all starts in my head, where I fantasize freely.
I like to set the perfect scene: perfumed sheets, wine, candlelight, lingerie...

Who's in charge in your bedroom?
I really am. My partner may disagree, but that just means that (s)he is under my thumb.
Me! I have to be the center of attention, no matter if it's a one on one thing or a full out orgy.
Me. No question. Haven't you seen all my whips and flogs?
Me. The bedroom is my domain.
Me. I can have anyone I want, so I always have a leg up.
Me! I know what I want, and I know how to get it.
Sex is animal, and I'm the alpha dog.
My partner. I like to play the role of an attentive lover.
My partner. I love to play the submissive "victim."
No one's in charge in the bedroom ... it's all about expressing love.
That's up for grabs. Sex is a constant power game for me.
Who cares? Power games are so last century!

If your partner suggested trying a threesome, you would:
I'd agree, only if it involved acting out a scene from Dangerous Liasons
I'd say "why not?" Threesomes are old hat for me.
I'd agree, but also stipulate that this would be a one night thing for everyone involved. No ties.
I would have probably already suggested it. I'm 100% bisexual.
I would agree, with the condition that I would be the one handing out the nipple clamps, not wearing them.
I would rush out to find a third, as long as it was going to be a guy guy girl thing.
I would gracefully, but firmly, let him or her know that I'm not interested and withold sex until he or she agreed that one on one is the only way to go.
I'd disagree. I am loyal to one person.
I would decline. I'm just too old fashioned for that kind of thing.
I'd say no, and start looking for a new partner.
I would refuse. I'm way too jealous for that!
I would say no! I haven't ever considered it in my most secret fantasies.

When it comes to kinky sex::
Mmmmm... kinky is my middle name.
Well, if you can show me something I haven't seen before, then I'm willing to learn it!
I've done quite a bit and am looking to try the rest.
I'll do anything to make my sub ashamed.
I get my kinks from both genders.
Kinky is good, as long as it doesn't involve BDSM.
As long as it's natural, I'll do it. I've been known to explore every body part and function, as well as get it on in the woods.
It's not really my thing. I'm no prude, but I get plenty of satisfaction the old fashioned way.
I tend to prefer sex that's romantic, not outrageous. So no real kinks for me.
I'm not terribly kinky, but I *love* to role play.
No at all. I'm a very conservative person all around.
Kinky is not in my sexual vocabulary.

Your past lovers are likely to describe you as:
A very sensual person.
Someone they barely remember. I rarely have sex with anyone twice.
The best legs and butt in the world
An ideal romantic who surrenders during sex.
Ex lovers? What ex lovers?
An incredible .
The one with the hottest body and the nastiest vocabulary
It would take too long to poll them all!
The highest sex drive they've ever seen ... with magic fingers.
A lover that purrs like a kitten and rages like a tiger.
Someone they still like to have sex with on occasion.
The absolute best they've ever had.

Your ideal lover:
Has an incredibley high sex drive
Is someone with a lot of power, in and out of the bedroom!
Would never ever "fuck and run"
Treats me like the sexual god(ess) I am
Can't get enough of me
Is a sexy, arty type who will act out sex fantasies with me.
Is out the door the next morning, for good
Will try anything I suggest, no matter how weird
Is independent, strong, and not afraid of doing it outdoors
Has a strong sense of adventure and a few tricks I haven't seen before.
Will submit to my most sadistic demands
Has talented hands and an even more talented tongue