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Are you a tease?

You've got a blind date with your friend's cousin, who looks pretty hot from pictures. You wear:
A top that looks great on you and reveals a little skin and your best fitting jeans.
Something very form fitting.
A preppy shirt and khakis.. something conservative so they won't get the wrong idea!

Your new next door neighbor is gorgeous and has a perfect view of your pool. The next time you go swimming...
You go at night so they won't be able to peek!
Invite them to come over for a dip...
You go in your most scandalous swimsuit and make sure they're watching!

You're waiting to meet some friends and the bartender is totally hitting on you. You...
Order a sex on the beach and tell them a steamy story (fictitious as it may be) about you having sex on the beach
Figure the bartender hits on everybody and focus your energy on finding your friends
Ask the bartender to write their number on your napkin

The UPS carrier shows up at your door and they're TOTALLY HOT. You...
Kick yourself for answering the door in sweats
Make a flirty little comment
Offer them a cold drink and quietly vow to order more stuff online ASAP

You're out with one of your friends at a club and meet a total hottie who wants to dance. Problem is, you have a boy/girlfriend at home.
Grind away with them on the dance floor. It's only dancing!
Say "No thanks. You're cute but I'm taken."
Decide that it's better to stay home with your significant other in the future.

How far do you usually go on a first date?
As far as you feel like. Depends on the person and the date.
A hug or a quick kiss, that's it!
Far enough to give them a sneak preview, whether they'll get any or not!

Your favorite sex game to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend in public is...
None, you save it for private.
Sex in a secluded place, if the mood strikes
A little under the table groping, going pretty far...

You find out that one of your friends would die to date you. They are super hot, but dumb as a doorknob. You...
Bring them everywhere. They make you look good and they're fun to play around with!
Tell them you're not interested and pull back a little.
Stop talking to them. You don't know how to reject him/her without feeling bad.

When you talk to someone of the opposite sex, you tend to...
Make eye contact
Smile, giggle a little and touch their arm or back
Look away mostly...